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Bought two large lilly bulbs three springs ago. Put one in my son's New garden and the other in a well established one. Both in Sun for half of the day. Neither have flowered but produced very healthy very long leaves that grow on opposite sides. Can't remember name but planted as instructed.



Doesn't sound like an actual lily, to me. Maybe something in the Iris or Amaryllis families?

22 Jul, 2019


If you could edit this question to include a photo, someone might recognize it. Long leaves, big bulb; Crinum comes to mind.

22 Jul, 2019


Hippeastrum will produce impressively long leaves, if it doesn't get enough sun, though half a day should be enough. Both genera will take a long time to bloom if they are planted too deep, too. A picture should clear up all confusion, though.

22 Jul, 2019


Clivia lily?

22 Jul, 2019


Clivias don't produce bulbs, though. Just masses of thick roots.

24 Jul, 2019

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