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A garlic question!

Hi All. Has anyone tried to grow garlic all the year round in the UK?

I planted some in the Autumn as usual and it has now been successfully harvested. Yum.

For the first time I planted some in the Spring and it is still growing.

Is it possible to grow it at other times of the year????

I would like to develop my garlic growing maybe to different types as well.

Any advice would be gratefully received as per normal!



In the right spot you could grow a patch of wild garlic. Garlic chives are easy from seed on a windowsill or for a stronger flavour plant cloves & snip the green shoots

21 Jul, 2019


Some heirloom varieties should work year round in the southwestern UK. They would probably be happiest with gritty soil and a south exposure, though!

22 Jul, 2019


If you are going to give it a go, I would suggest you plant some every month. It might stall in the winter, but in no time you will be able to write a blog on what you have found. I did plant some from the store this spring that had started to sprout, and it is getting close to ready. I did it in a large planter instead of the ground.

22 Jul, 2019


unless you want lots of 'wild garlic' I would avoid it. it is a thorough nuisance in many gardens and if you are after culinary garlic it doesn't do the job. it is nice in salads & salsa when young etc but not otherwise in my opinion.

23 Jul, 2019


Seaburn is right it's not a particularly good option

23 Jul, 2019

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