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As I get older I like the old guys of the plant world & these would be roses.
I notice though that some I see & smell are modified & that includes old roses that have a copyright.
I saw an Damask rose that was dark pink & rich in fragrance "Ispahan". Dior have bottled a Ispahan hand soap for £50.
I see there is a climber now but hardly fragrant & paler in colour.
I guess it is better to sniff thenm out first & then get a cutting. Are bare rooters true to type?
Speaking of cuttings is there a best time? I think I did one once but forget. Some of my roses are old & I could do a cutting & put the babies in the back border or make a new rose bed feature over the lawn.
Late afternoon is the time to dream after all



Cuttings and divisions will always be true to type as nothing changes in their genetic makeup. It is the only way to propagate some plants - like daylilies, where 2 seeds from the same pod can be very, very different.

24 Jul, 2019


Yes Daylilies are v naughty

24 Jul, 2019


As said, they do come true, what may change is the habit, so could be tall instead of neat bush

I've taken from cuttings, I use hardwood ones from Autumn pruning.

Dead easy, cut under a node, about a foot long, stick in soil, or pot, at least 6 inches buried, sit back & wait

Take more than you need, some will fail, excess you could give away
Takes at least 6 months, the cuttings of Deep Secret I took last year, into a pot, now have new leaves & showing fresh growth

I'll nurture these and plant out as bare roots late Autumn

25 Jul, 2019


Hi, if you take cuttings from long shoots, you may be able to get 2,3 or 4 from 1 stem, so make sure you make a flat cut at the bottom of the stem, and a sloping cut, which should be above a bud, at the top, so that if you put them down, you'll know which end is the top, and which is the bottom, Derek.

26 Jul, 2019

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