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Found on my sweat peas. Eggs of some kind? Any ideas? Friend or foe? The were not attached and feel very hard. Beautiful structure. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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Ladybird eggs are yellow & a bit smaller

24 Jul, 2019


possibly a moth or butterfly but not sure what. I will ask my girl when she gets up.

25 Jul, 2019


Thanks. Am curious that's all.

25 Jul, 2019


so am I now. daughter up and out by the time I got back. will have to ask her later.

25 Jul, 2019


They are shield bug eggs apparently, but as to which species it could be one of many. the green shield bug is the most common in the uk. Daughter has found these a lot last year. they are usually slightly sticky so adhere to the leaves.

so we are now less in the dark :o)

25 Jul, 2019


Thank you Seaburngirl, I appreciate the effort. Every day is a school day!

25 Jul, 2019


it will be a sad day when I don't fancy learning about nature. It has been a passion since I was a very little girl.

25 Jul, 2019


Ta from me too. Appreciate your information!

25 Jul, 2019

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