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Money tree problems

Green leaves are dropping off my money tree. It’s definitely not overwatered. When it first started doing it I thought it was in the wrong place so moved it to the conservatory but out of the sun but the leaves are still dropping. My plant is now half the size. What can I do?



It must be a reaction to stress of some sort. Cold draught seems unlikely so too much dry heat? Is it in need of re-potting? A little fertiliser once or twice a year helps. You can tell by gently squeezing the leaves whether water is needed, firm & crisp they're okay, if they're softer like an overripe cucumber give them water. If they've got wrinkles they really need water but if you over water the leaves get brown, corky patches.
Given the weather lately a fortnightly drenching with, preferably, rain water would probably sort it out gradually. Occasional misting too.
I'm assuming you know how to make new plants from the fallen leaves?

26 Jul, 2019


Thank you, Darren. The leaves are firm and crisp. Just dropping off. Since I bought it from a cheap supermarket perhaps it was how it was stored there.
Yes, I did know how to make new plants, thank you and I’m trying. If successful does that mean I’ll get more money? :))

27 Jul, 2019


I had to trim mine when it got too big for the windowsill so had a dozen new ones. Still broke😄

27 Jul, 2019


Definitely a plant that is misnamed!

28 Jul, 2019


I always call them Jade Plants as they look like jade with the light behind them. Maybe need some feng shui mysticals in terms of positioning to make them an income source, I can't give the buggers away😄

28 Jul, 2019


You may not be able to give your plants away but you gave me a good laugh! Thank you, it was needed.

29 Jul, 2019

How do I say thanks?

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