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Could anyone ID this flower please which we saw on holiday in Crete? They were at least 3 feet tall with very slim stalks.




I'm pretty sure it's 'Guara'. They are wonderful plants that look like butterflies in the wind. The flowers appear to float in mid-air because of the thin wiry stems. They have a long deep tap root and don't transplant well at all. They prefer a dry, sunny location with lean, gritty soil. Unfortunately, I lost mine. They come in various shades and combinations of pink, white & red. They are short lived perennials but good performers in the garden.

27 Jul, 2019


Hi, Bathgate is quite right, it's Gaura lindheimeri, it's hardy to h4 R H S which means it will survive an average winter, as long as it's in well drained soil, Derek.

27 Jul, 2019


Thank you both - I shall look for one next trip to the garden centre - there were lots of bees around it so that would make perfect sense!

27 Jul, 2019


Oh yeh, they should be plentiful at the garden center as they are here. Mine just didn't make it through the winter, but that was my fault. They got flower-power.

27 Jul, 2019


They are tough plants: one of the few perennials that will grow both here in the hot desert, and in the UK.

28 Jul, 2019

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