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Have you got plants in your garden? They have to be linked. (To What?????). Can any one tell me ??????



Hi, I've often wondered the same thing, whenever I add plants, sometimes they are ''linked'', which means that anyone else posting the same plant appears on the who's growing the plants in your garden, but more often than not, they don't get linked for some reason, sorry not much help, but you're not alone, Derek.

27 Jul, 2019


by linking the photo to your own plant list all the images of the same plant appear with the plant info you have put in. that's what I thought it meant. then anyone else who is growing it is listed for you too. it allows you to look at theirs and be able to send them pm etc.

27 Jul, 2019


I had the same concern... How do you do it? According to them I've been posting pictures of non existant plants since 2008, and in two accounts. Perhaps it would be better to ask why this is not automatic? you post a plant and it's automatically cross referenced.

27 Jul, 2019

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