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Can anyone ID this poppy please?
It’s a bit more purple than the photo shows.




P. Setigerum? Poppy of Troy

28 Jul, 2019


the stems look hairy. Poppy of Troy usually has smooth stems as it is often thought to be a variant of the opium poppy.

what are the leaves like?

this is unusual with the double layer of petals.

28 Jul, 2019


The leaves are small and the stems and buds are hairy.

29 Jul, 2019


Maybe one of the 'Motherof Pearl' strain of Papaver rhoeas?

29 Jul, 2019


Tugbrethil, they do look similar, but I don’t think it’s that. These were meant to be the traditional red ones, packet of seeds I had free with Gardener’s World magazine.

29 Jul, 2019


You can contact GW magazine on this email address: q&
They might be able to help.

29 Jul, 2019

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