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what is this shrub.

devon, United Kingdom Gb

what is this shrub? in flower now jan 08. normaly 8 to 10 feet.




It is a Viburnum, probably one of the tinus group, but would need to see it closer too to be sure.

6 Jan, 2008


hi there i agree with owdboggy Viburnum tinus. - it does flower through the winter and after the flowers it has really unusual blue coloured berry.

7 Jan, 2008


Viburnum tinus is top of my list of Desert Island shrubs (if you could only have eight shrubs in the garden, what would they be?). Evergreen, good shape, just about pest and disease-free, not fussy about soil or site and flowers for six months. Brilliant!

Think I'll start this off as a new question and see what people suggest :-)

7 Jan, 2008


They( Viburnum Tinus) seem to make a good standard shape, though I would think you would have to be careful pruning or you would lose the flower,I do agree it is such a good value plant.I think the one shown is Eve Price.

8 Jan, 2008

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