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What type of plant is this?

It's about 2 years old and it grows quite slow.




The leaves look quite glossy? Is there any colour on the stems? How much sun does it get?
My guess, based on not a lot really, would be some kind of pepper or chilli.
In a sheltered spot many can survive a mild UK Winter

29 Jul, 2019


The stems are a sort of reddish brown. The plant gets about 2-4hrs of morning sun. The leaves have quite a firm texture

29 Jul, 2019


I don't want to lead you down a blind alley, I may well be completely wrong. The way the leaves are coming off the main stem doesn't look quite right.
On the other hand the red brown colour on the stems & the slow growth fits peppers. If no-one else corrects me, my suggestion would be to dig it out with an inch or two of soil beyond the leaf spread. Then put it into a 10-12 inch pot with gritty, free-draining compost & put it in the sunniest spot you can find!

29 Jul, 2019


well I'd go for something like osteospermum, its not like any chilli that I grow.

but perhaps someone else will have another thought on it.

29 Jul, 2019


I really wasn't confident Seaburn, hoped someone would have a better idea.

29 Jul, 2019


It looks like an Osteospermum to me, too, though they are very fast growing, and rarely survive the kind of winters that the UK gets.

29 Jul, 2019


I think it is an osteospermum, I have some more mature plants in my garden. They might have self seeded. It also might grow slowly because it's not getting enough light.

29 Jul, 2019


They are sun lovers!

31 Jul, 2019

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