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By Tadpole

Gwynedd, United Kingdom Gb

I’ve just been given this house plant as a present I don’t know what it is or how to look after it can anybody identify it by any chance please?

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It's one of the Dendrobium hybrids, but it would be hard to tell exactly which one. Not in the D. nobile or D. phalaenopsis groups, anyway.
As a group, they like medium warm temps, bright indirect light or filtered sun, moderate humidity (about 50%), infrequent thorough watering, bark or coir chip medium, and balanced liquid feed--"weakly, weekly" is the rule of thumb. After bloom, the thickened stem--called a pseudobulb--persists for several years, gradually losing its leaves, but storing water and nutrients for the rest of the plant. Two or three new stems will grow from the base to bloom next summer.

29 Jul, 2019


Than you very much Tugbrethil, I really appreciate it as I had no idea what to do with it cheers

29 Jul, 2019


You're welcome!

31 Jul, 2019


Hi again Tugbreth

Hope you won’t mind me contacting you again. This plant seems to be pot bound. The roots have started growing out of the top of the pot but still got a lot of flowers on it. Do yiu think it would be ok to repot it or would you wait till it’s finished flowering?
Many thanks

5 Aug, 2019


With epiphytic orchids, like this one, I like to wait until there are more roots outside of he pot than in, before transplanting. This one looks like it should be good until after it blooms next summer, but you could still bump it up now, if you wanted. I would wait until after it bloomed, though--the shock could fade the flowers prematurely.

6 Aug, 2019


That’s fab. Thank you very much. I’ll wait then.

8 Aug, 2019

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