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A neighbours identity problem.
He asked me to identify , I cannot help but I thought somebody out there, can.. The pink flower is nothing to do with it, it is the variegated leaf that confuses me.
Please help.

P1060872_2_ P1060874_2_



Surely its a Persecaria? Maybe its a cross with a variegated one?

1 Aug, 2019


I'd say Persicaria. Can't variegation be caused by viruses? I'm not that up on flowers

1 Aug, 2019


Many varieties of persicaria have that V-shaped or triangular "stain" on the leaf. If anything the markings are fainter than I am used to.

2 Aug, 2019


looks like the common persicaria; Polygonum persicaria. we have it in the garden and it is a native. [wildflower or 'weed']
when you say the pink flower has nothing to do with it, it does have a soft pale pink flower that is typical of this plant. [or did you mean the deeper pink flower in the bottom of frame?]

2 Aug, 2019

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