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Neglected sad penstemon. Can anyone tell me whether I could take cuttings from this plant and how to do it? It has a burgundy flower and I would like to revive it and if it’s too late to do so take cuttings. Thank you.

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Yes you can, and from the last photo I think at least two. Cut a 3” or 4” piece just below a node and remove most of the lower leaves. Then simply push your cuttings into a small pot of compost-with-grit, and keep in a warm shady place. Keep compost gently moist and in a few weeks time you should see roots.

4 Aug, 2019


Thank you.

4 Aug, 2019


Sheilabub- have taking cuttings yesterday and they are now in my open cold frame.

5 Aug, 2019


Fine, but I would rescue them if there’s a downpour!

5 Aug, 2019

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