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Can I replant my spring bulbs- hyacinths, tulips, daffodils and crocuses - which were in pots this year, back into pots or do they now have to be planted in the garden?




What do you want to do? Assuming the bulbs are healthy you could do either. Though it's a bit early in the year to worry about...
If you favour containers you could fill them now with a mix of compost, grit & leaf mould so things were nicely set up for late September planting

4 Aug, 2019


If you have fed the old bulbs after they had flowered to re-build the energy then perhaps re-plant some of them in early autumn. Personally, with the exception of the Daffodils, I would plant them in the ground as they, especially the Hyacinths, will not come up to expectations when they flower next year.

5 Aug, 2019


I am just finishing repotting my spring bulbs and would recommend they be out of their pots for as short a time as possible.

5 Aug, 2019


I was doing that yesterday with daffs and hyacinths. daffs were checked for narcissus fly grubs, none so far. the hyacinths produce a smaller more delicate flower spike and I find that so much nicer than the big blousy blooms. Some go in the garden others [the bigger bulbs] back in pots. Only a few had any new roots

5 Aug, 2019


Thank you all for your advice, very helpful.

5 Aug, 2019

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