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By Tadpole

Gwynedd, United Kingdom Gb

Hi These plug plants have just arrived. Im not sure whether to pot them in to big pots/small pots, whether to plant them out in a few weeks or to leave them to overwinter, in a pot! If so would it be best to keep them in a green house or outside fir the winter?
Many thanks for any ideas




Put them into 2" pots initially and pot on as necessary.Overwinter in a cold greenhouse or cold frame..

5 Aug, 2019


OK that’s great Thank you very much😀

5 Aug, 2019


I'd go with bigger pots at this time of year, 6 inch width per plant plug. Ease them in to things in terms of bright sun, wind & rain damage by starting indoors & then hardening off a bit outside. Then overwinter in larger pots 8-10 inch under cover.
Hopefully come Spring you'll have something that'll be sturdy enough to form compact forms

5 Aug, 2019

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