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Bonsai offer: attractive seedling conifer (not leylandii but don't know variety) now about 6" tall, suitable for bonsai. (I don't want to do it but it seems a shame to waste it)
PM me if you would like it



I’m sorry nobody has responded to your offer - so if you still have it, you might find it fun to “bonsai” it?! It’s quite easy to keep it dwarf . . . just prune the roots, put it into a shallow pot with gritty compost and keep it outdoors. Don’t let it dry out. You might enjoy it (I find it very satisfying 🙂 ). Good luck!

8 Aug, 2019


Well I only half expected a reply, but its a pity because its a beautifully shaped little thing. I don't think I would give enough time to produce a good bonsai. I did have a half hearted go with a small yew but haven't given it the regular care it ought to get so was hoping someone more organised might like it. Still never mind. Thank you for your interest and encouragement (had half wondered whether you might be interested...)- maybe I'll give it a whirl.

8 Aug, 2019


Sue, I would be happy to take it off your hands if you get fed up with it, but I thought it would be a nuisance packing it up and paying for postage.

But as it’s a beautiful shape, you have a head start (and I do have enough dwarf trees really)!

9 Aug, 2019


I would love to send it to a good home as I know I would forget to water it. Let me have your address. Packing up doesn't take very long now does it! I will wait until we are expecting to go to town as our village doesn't have a post office.

9 Aug, 2019


Oh dear Siris, I feel foolish now . The dear little thing has flowered and turns out to be a Calluna! I have a couple in the garden but haven't noticed any others locally so perhaps its a pup from one of those. As it appeared in a pot close to a conifer with fine small needles it looked very similar. I hope its a pink one but think its probably white.

10 Aug, 2019

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