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It seems that three photos is all GOY allows.

So further to my question of a few days ago here are three more photos which may be better than the first three.

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It looks as if some plants have been put in too close to the fence at the back - nothing should be planted less than a foot away from a wall or fence at a minimum. But I remember my 45 feet long east facing border in my previous garden - down one end was the shed and at the top was a tree. It started out only 3 feet deep, but it wasn't too long till I widened it to about 6 feet because plants were leaning forward. Over time I learned I had to plant things that preferred shadier conditions towards each end, but could get away with something that preferred a little more light in between - but the sunlovers (like your Eryngium) needed to be in the west or south facing border. Your clematis won't be helping sun loving plants either - the presence of something large nearby often means that plants will 'flinch' away, as if they're trying to escape, if they like a lot of light.

6 Aug, 2019


Widening the borders is in the pipeline for this autumn, Bamboo. As for the eryngium, I do have one facing west and it doesn’t do nearly as well as the one in the photo. That one is leaning towards the lawn, too, and both are planted well away from the fence. In fact, now I have a good look, several plants facing west are leaning, none of which are close to the fence.
I’ll have to rethink my muddled planting when the changes have been made.

6 Aug, 2019


You can only do three photo's at any one time,Arbuthnot,and when you have added those,you can continue to edit your blog,and add another three....if you look at some other members blogs and photo's,they have added quite a few in one blog,me included,at times :o)
hope this helps..

6 Aug, 2019


I thought it was possible, Bloomer, but when I tried the first three were cancelled in favour of the second lot. Don’t know how it happened. It wasn’t a blog though but a question so maybe that makes a difference.

6 Aug, 2019


Yes,maybe that was the reason,Arbuthnot..I'm not that good at techy things,but maybe someone else will know why..

6 Aug, 2019

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