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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I know I’ve asked this question before, and that you guys kindly replied. But could you please remind me what this small plant is ( for years it’s always been about 1 ft tall ). And what I can do to improve it
Divide it, or get more flowers or anything ?




Just looked back through your questions and it was June last year when you asked. The reply was
Sedum sieboldii.

5 Aug, 2019


Thanks Sue, that’s a good start, but I would have guessed it would have been at least 3 years ago. It has just sat in the corner of the porch doing absolutely nothing for a great many years.

5 Aug, 2019


It should have been going to sleep every winter, and growing back every spring and summer. Late summer or fall is the normal blooming time, but that may not happen if it isn't getting some direct sun. Also, are you feeding it anything? I would use half strength tomato food on it a couple three times a year, just to keep it from starveling.

6 Aug, 2019

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