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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

You will remember I commented on the TELEGRAPHY cucumbers plants i grew recently. I gave my daughter a one and she gave me a cucumber she’d grown.
See the photo below - I assume the longer thin ones were telegraphy but does anyone recognise hers ?




There are lots of cucumber varieties that have the 'knobbly' skin so I cant supply a name.

6 Aug, 2019


The lower one with the little kitten's teeth spikes are generally outdoor, Ridge cucumbers. They're called ridge cucumbers because they were traditionally grown on raised ridges of earth to give good drainage but deep moisture. These days though it's much easier to use grow bags because you can grab a couple in most large supermarkets .
Can't give a specific ID though

6 Aug, 2019


Thanks guys, all the seeds came out of the same packet so I guess they must have got them mixed up.

6 Aug, 2019

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