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By Cecelia

Dumfriesshire, United Kingdom Gb

Advice again please. I have just been given a Sunset apple tree for my birthday. It was purchased from a local garden centre and looks very healthy. Is it ok to plant it in the garden now or would I be better off leaving it in the pot and planting it during the dormant season. Thanks Cecelia



As it is in a pot it can go straight into the ground now.

Remember to make the hole at least 2x bigger than the pot it is in. mix the soil with some compost so when you plant it and back fill the roots have plenty of good soil to grow into. keep it well watered for several months, even if you have some rain.

6 Aug, 2019


Happy Birthday!
You're spoilt for choice really. It's more a question of where you want it to grow & how you want to prune & shape it. Learning a bit about pruning apples in their first few years to get the most out of them long-term helps avoid disease problems, etc.
Sunset can be grown in a container so waiting for Winter dormancy wouldn't be a problem. If you put it in the ground the couple of weeks after complete leaf drop would be ideal, before the soil temperature drops more & when there's regular rain.
If you plant it in the ground, make sure the hole is twice the size of the pot & holding the trunk as low down as possible give it a good shake to tease out any bound roots from being in a pot

6 Aug, 2019


Thank you for your good advice, I would be lost without all the great help GYO gardeners have given me.
Looking forward to some lovely apples in the future.
Thanks Cecelia

11 Aug, 2019

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