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I grow a lot of lillies in my garden and in pots, but wasn't sure if I should cut off the spent flower seed pods and just leave the stems, or should I leave the pods as well. Thank you



No point leaving the pods, all they're doing is taking energy to create seed, so unless you want the seeds, cut them off.

15 Aug, 2019


I agree unless you want to grow the seed. just cut the pods off and leave the stem with as many leaves on it as you can.

15 Aug, 2019


If you try to grow them from seed, they take 3-5 years to bloom, so usually only worthwhile to budding plant breeders.

16 Aug, 2019


Thank you all for your advice, I did think that was the case but I find I'm second guessing myself sometimes, but I know I can always get the right answer from you guys. Many thanks

16 Aug, 2019

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