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Why my pink mondevilla rots every time



Mandevilleas need to dry out between soakings, so they prefer a fast draining sandy soil. Also, I don't know how hot Odisha gets, but they might also need afternoon or filtered shade to thrive. They are native to a part of South America that has dryish summers, with cooler nights than than most of the true tropics--or my climate, for that matter.

22 Aug, 2019


My first thought was over watering. That's the #1 reason plants rot. Look at how these plants grow in nature, then try to duplicate that environment. Many plants just won't grow here in NY no matter what I do. How do I stop a Polar Vortex?

22 Aug, 2019


Some kinds of plant seem to be almost immune to root rot, while others seem to get it with the slightest excuse. With my experience with Mandevilleas, I wouldn't be the least surprised at it getting it during an Indian monsoon. The high temps, high humidity, and extreme rainfall would make many of the Phytpthora fungi very happy--and whichever plant they attacked, very unhappy!

24 Aug, 2019


Sometimes it's the long extended periods of wetness combined with cool temperatures that causes fungi to go rampant. That's when I go looking for mushrooms and get lucky.

24 Aug, 2019


Some fungi, such as botrytis, like cool wet conditions, while others, such as some Phytopthora species, prefer warm to hot, wet conditions.

25 Aug, 2019


Many thanx 4 d answer.

22 Nov, 2019


You're welcome, Chintamani!

25 Nov, 2019

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