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I requested a plant ID on June 23 for a plant growing in the Monarda section of my garden. The images I provided were of the top of the plant only. I received many great answer. I weeded out these plants save for one. Here it is. I turned it down a bit so you could see this plant in a stand alone fashion. I took these photos today almost three months later to the day. I live in the USA a drive time of 2 hours from New York City. Any ideas of what this plant is? I am also placing a blog about something else I found in my garden recently if you care to read it

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It looks for all the world like seep willow (Baccharis salicifolia), but I thought that that was a southwestern native.

25 Aug, 2019


That could be it Tug! I looked it up and it has the same growing conditions as the Monarda. I have never seen this plant in my garden before. It attracts insects and birds too. So how did a plant common to the southwest, Mexico and South America get all the way up here? Aren’t these regions along the migratory root of the Hummingbird that my Monarda so strongly attract? The seeds could have hitched a ride on the Hummer in some fashion is what I surmise. Other members thought that the photos that I posted about this plant in June looked like sunflower buds and this plant is in the sunflower family. Thanks Tug!! And of course Thank You All!!!

25 Aug, 2019

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