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By Jensen

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Is it too late in the year to make a few more pruning cuts to a plum tree? It is Sunday today and the weather forecast for my area is dry and sunny till Wednesday afternoon, when there will be some light rain. I am thinking of Silver Leaf Disease. I do not know anything about it, and I do not know if the tree has ever had it.
I pruned it in early August; I did not have time to prune it right in the middle of summer.
There are still a few small branches from this year's growth, growing in the wrong direction, or conflicting with other branches.
There is a branch almost two inches thick with a little damage (sometimes it is hard to tell), but I feel it would be drastic to cut this off now. I have already cut off about a third of the tree.
There are some upward growing ones which I think all want to be 'leaders', and I think I should cut one of these off.
Finally, are the branches that grow at an angle of about 45° the best, in terms of fruit?
Thank you for any advice.



the link is the the advice from the RHS

Silver leaf disease tends to result from winter pruning.

25 Aug, 2019


This is a really good UK gardening website:

25 Aug, 2019


Thank you for the replies.

27 Aug, 2019

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