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By Cynthia

Michigan, United States Us

Has anyone ever had success taking a cutting from a Trumpet Vine? If so any tips? Thank you



Hello Cynthia from Michigan. Welcome to GoY! I found this webpage which seems to answer your question. Hope it works out for you.

Trumpet Plant Propagation – How To Root Trumpet Vine Cuttings

28 Aug, 2019


What I found that helps difficult cuttings to start is to first put them in some water that has rooting hormone mixed into it. Shake the container (it helps if it is a jar with a lid) to get more oxygen into the water every day. After a week, then put it in soil with lots of perlite and first water it in using that soaking water.

28 Aug, 2019


Hi Cynthia
I assume you mean Campsis radicans. My brother has taken hard wood cuttings of this in the past [75% success rate]. though layering also works very well.
the RHS also suggest root cuttings.

28 Aug, 2019

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