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Seems something lacking in this spring planted trachelospermum

Img_20190829_120108896 Img_20190829_120108896



Oh dear it does look sad. is it in a pot? have you checked for vine weevil grubs in the roots, proper drainage, does the pot get too hot, too dry?
has it been over fed with nutrients?

sorry about all the questions.

30 Aug, 2019


Did you not fertilise for ages and then add some fertilizer? Only the new growth at the top is normal colour green, its the leaves lower down that look as if they're suffering a nutrient deficiency... or suffered drought, maybe.

30 Aug, 2019


I would have gone for nutrient deficiency so perhaps some Vitax Q4 or just a dose of Magnesium (Epsom Salts), should do the trick for the short term.

31 Aug, 2019


Ummm's all brand new John innes no.3 that has feed in it it's in shade in a large pot for only 6 months pot i think is not too hot not too dry not not sure about vine weevil though. Maybe feed it but should have enough in the John innes

1 Sep, 2019


Almost any plant that has been in a container for some period of time will, because of regular watering lose its nutrients. Magnesium (Epsom Salts) or Iron will just green up the leaves.

2 Sep, 2019


Ok no problem

6 Sep, 2019

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