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Eileen? check out my Little Joe Pye Weed in all its glory. It's drought/disease/pest resistant; a magnet for butterflies and all kinds of things and weathers the storms very well. Its been in bloom since beginning of August. I love it. It's also quite striking in a floral display. I just wondered why you got rid of yours?

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I think it is a brilliant native plant but I wanted to grow other plants for later in the year to provide food for late flying insects. This was in the spot I decided the asters and their allies were going to go in. I also found the colour a little insipid [Elastoplast pink!]
having said that there is a self sown one in another bed that so far is doing a good job.

Did the Chelone seed germinate?

30 Aug, 2019


Eileen: The seeds you sent me did germinate, but they weren't Chelone. They were something else I don't know what, but they produced clusters of tiny white flowers. Once they reseeded, they died back. I"m still stumped. Not sure what they were.

30 Aug, 2019


well that is most odd as the seed heads were definitely chelone. it was the only flower I took seed from. the ones I sowed have the leaf of chelone but no flowers until next year. I don't have any plants with clusters of tiny white flowers in the garden. did you take a picture of them? I wonder if you had contaminated compost. most odd.

31 Aug, 2019


LOL! it's ok. Maybe the customs agent took them. Remember it got held up at customs or who knows where? It's not your fault and you were very sweet to send them like you did. Thanks anyway.

31 Aug, 2019

How do I say thanks?

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