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Hi All!

It seems I have ordered far too many onion sets. I don't really like sending them back if it is not a seller's fault, added to which the postage is nearly as much as the cost of the onion sets.
The question is whether some of them will keep for a spring planting as I don't have room for them all.



I could never keep onions for that long. They always turn black & mushy and attract lots of tiny flies. Have you thought of growing them in the house for the green onion tops? I'd rather use fresh new sets in the spring for planting.

31 Aug, 2019


The secret to keeping onion sets is to keep them warm and dry: around 26ยบ C, and 20% to 30% humidity. I guess that that may be difficult in the UK.

31 Aug, 2019


If they are the over-wintering variety then I would plant out the required amount with the usual spacing. As regards the rest, why not plant them very close together and let them develop until the early spring and use them whole as large spring onions for salads.

31 Aug, 2019


Thanks for your suggestions. I think I'll do what Jimmytheone suggests and pack a number of them into a deep trough. Some onions tend to come out very small anyway but are OK.

2 Sep, 2019

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