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By Pammie

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

Ive decided after many years to make some Homemade Wine , as my GrapeVine in my small garden is SO full of small black grapes . When is the best time to pick & start my wine making . ( I got rid of all my Wine making equipment & Book , So have had to start from fresh )



No idea on wine, it's not really a gardening question but at this time of year I completely relate to wanting to preserve crops. I'm stewing toms & looking to pickle the last of the little cucumbers. Maybe we need a recipes thread?
Membrillo recipes are worth a look for quince or pear growers with too much produce...

5 Sep, 2019


Pammie , I have been making wine for years . (Few people drink it ) There is a lot of suspicion about homemade wines , for some reason .
Anyway , if they taste sweet enough they are ready to be picked . Go online for a recipe , my old book used to say 3lbs of grapes , one gallon of boiled hot water , soak for 4-5days , strain ( I use a potato masher too ) , add 2lbs sugar , two of yeast powder , a bit of Marmite , and put in a Demijohn for six months . Put more grapes in if you have them . Cheers !

5 Sep, 2019


Darren we already have recipes, go to R in the A-Z, click on Recipes from the garden...

6 Sep, 2019


Thanks very much Lincs! I'd never noticed that

6 Sep, 2019


Darren you are welcome, many people don't check out the A-Z, its very informative, can save hours of browsing through blogs and questions..

6 Sep, 2019



6 Sep, 2019

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