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Hello friends,
Yesterday I bought five pink hyacinths bulbs that are NOT the prepared type for me to grow in my unheated conservatory.
My question I plant them I put them with their top halves showing above the surface of the soil??
I realise they will not be out for Christmas but I want to enjoy them indoors in the spring - after which I will plant them in the garden.
Many thanks.



Unprepared hyacinths need a period of cold in order to flower in spring, so the best thing to do is bury them in a pot and stand outdoors all winter, until they start to bloom, then move them indoors. Don't leave the necks sticking out, bury at the depth mentioned on the pack, as if you were planting in the ground - you can do that now, or wait till later this month. If you get a very, very cold winter (like below zero day and night for a few days) you will need to move the pot to a sheltered spot so it doesn't freeze.

You can chill the bulbs in a fridge for a few weeks, but only if you don't have any fruit in the fridge too (like tomatoes, berries) because the ethylene from fruits can disrupt flowering of the hyacinths.

Info below, but its American so it talks in fahrenheit and USDA zones, but still useful anyway

7 Sep, 2019


I agree, plant them to the correct depth in pots and leave outside as bamboo says.

8 Sep, 2019

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