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By Darren8

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Reviving my small veg patch over Winter?
I'm very limited for space so I can't make a new bed but I'd be okay with leaving it fallow for a year though.
If I move well established things into the soil they do fairly well but when I've sown seed directly this year, even easy to grow things like perpetual spinach, they've not prospered.
Any ideas on how to make it as productive as it originally was? Is there a Winter cover crop that might help?



Clover would replace nitrogen over the winter. Alfalfa is sometimes used either. You dig them both in at the end of winter.
Do you rotate your crops? eg legumes follow brassicas?
But if your summer was anything like ours was here it was so hot and dry that a lot of things struggled

10 Sep, 2019


Thanks Stera, it is such a wee plot I haven't rotated crops or grown beans or big brassicas.

10 Sep, 2019

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