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Help with camellias in pots please
They have been in pots 9 x 7 inches for the past 2 years and have flowered well but are looking a bit tired. Leaves a bit dull and a few leaves going yellow. Should I repot ? If so when and into what size pot and anything else I should be aware of?



yes repot into bigger pots. you can do it now as they are in pots. you don't say how big the camellias are but I would certainly go for 12" pots with fresh ericaceous compost.
you will get the odd yellowing leaves through out the year this is normal.
don't let them dry out.

15 Sep, 2019


Thank you very much- I’ll get some ericaceous compost and repot them. Will they need any feeding or is it too late too late in the year for that ? I’m very relieved the yellow leaves are normal

15 Sep, 2019


the compost will have enough food in it for the autumn / winter. It wont be using much. mid spring early summer give it a light feed with either a general all purpose food or one designed for camellias.

15 Sep, 2019

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