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What can I plant here? It’s a Dry shaded area that is overshadowed by the bay tree and clematis. It’s an area directly outside my back door and would like to creat a bit more interest! Any ideas much appreciated.

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You might get away with some cyclamen such as Coum and Hederifolium. Having said, there are too many conditions against you. Light and moisture competition and the shrubs that are growing there are evergreens (Bay and Ivy) so you won't have the spring breathing space for short-term plants when the light can get to them.

15 Sep, 2019


You could put in ceratostigma plumbagnoids, this will do well in this situation, once established it will cover that ground and gently spill over the wall, you get lovely blue flowers into the autumn with fantastic fire red leaf colour however it will die back to nothing through the winter, in which case a nice pot of senecio angel wings will brighten the area up through the depths of winter and will be given protection from frosts by the bay tree, keep the ivy cut back and the spirea kept to just below wall, whatever you decide to put in, you will need to dig it over a little.

15 Sep, 2019


I dug up some pachysandra terminalis and have planted some in there. Let’s see how it goes ......

15 Sep, 2019


as I read this I thought pachysandra so we are on the same wavelength. you could also consider one of the variegated ajugas.

16 Sep, 2019

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