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I have inherited a large established garden and I have two; of what I believe to be, acacia baileyana trees in the garden. One is very healthy and thriving, the other is loosing its leaves and drying out. They are next to each other and planted in the ground. Not sure why one looks so sad and poorly?
The branches streams are still green inside, so are not dead. They are both in the same soil, and are watered the same, so not sure why one is looking so I’ll. Any ideas??

On plant Acacia baileyana




welcome to GoY.
as to why one is less happy there could be a range of reasons. that fact one is drier than the other suggests that the ground is drier in that part, possibly due to a shallower/stonier/free draining soil in that area. the happier tree may have a better root system so it can take up water better.

not really answered your question but they are my thoughts.

have you any idea how old the trees are? some species have a limited life span.

15 Sep, 2019


Could be that the drier one is providing shelter for the other from the prevailing winds

15 Sep, 2019

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