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Infestation of flies - follow up with a photo
They are still at my allotment - and move from one sort of plant to another at the moment they’re on a wild blackberry bush which has bindweed on it I’m not sure if they’re eating the leaves. They’re very camera shy and fly off in a cloud when I get too near. Hope this helps to identify and suggest how to deal with them

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Sadly I cant identify it as the image is too fuzzy. I wonder if they are feeding on honeydew on the surface of the leaves.

19 Sep, 2019


Thank you That’s really interesting - when you get close up they look more like mini ants more than greenfly. I’ll try to creep up on them again to get a better close up photo

19 Sep, 2019


Seems a bit late in the year for ants farming aphids but I'm further North than you...
If you can give them a good spraying with a hose that would help or even a watering can with a rose & a couple of drips of washing up liquid to wash the sugary stuff off.
I've had success in the past clearing ant infestations with a dusting of ground cinnamon

20 Sep, 2019


They don't look like ants as the body divisions is wrong and the winged ones fly off to find a mate rather than hang around to feed.

21 Sep, 2019

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