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By Treetop

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all, I bought an Azalea this year never had one before. I put it in a pot ericaceous compost. It has done brilliantly, alas it has got way too big for the pot, so now I'm thinking about putting it in the ground which shouldn't be too much of a problem. My question is do azaleas need pruning or just deadheading when the flowers are spent?



Do you know how acidic your soil is?
The idea of making a 2 foot by 2 foot raised bed about 6-8 inches deep then placing it over a hole full of ericaceous compost seems a good one to me. Then plant the azalea into that & treat it as a prized specimen.
Probably best to do it in Spring in a medium shaded spot

21 Sep, 2019


Azaleas don't really need pruning. Mine only grows to 4 feet and I prefer the natural look over the manicured look. So I just just let it alone aside from the occasional errant growth. By now, it has already set it's buds for the Spring, so I would advise holding off on pruning for now. You'll be cutting off the flowers for the Spring. Wait until just after it blooms in the Spring, then you can prune if you wish to shape it.

21 Sep, 2019


Thank you for your answers, my soil is heavy clay. I have dug a very deep and wide whole and used a whole large bag of ericaceous compost and planted the Azalea in. Fingers crossed it with be okay.

22 Sep, 2019


You can mulch with pine needles too if you can find them to buy

22 Sep, 2019


Azaleas a shallow rooted. The root ball should be just below the surface so that lots of oxygen can access the roots.

22 Sep, 2019


Thank you folks.

22 Sep, 2019

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