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Morning, all!
My chillies and peppers are not coming along at all well. I have only had a couple of cayenne and the mini bell peppers are really too mini. Some are in pots and for the first time I have put a few in the ground. Come to think of it, the aubergines are not appearing either but I have never been able to grow these successfully before.
I have heard from a reliable source that it is not a good year for peppers. Is anyone else experiencing this. I really don't know what I've done wrong this time.



I'm growing red bell peppers. 1 plant only produced 2 peppers, I ate 1 yesterday. I'm not expecting any more. Our season is too short. The plants are strong and healthy, just not producing as in previous years. Next year I plan to grow more plants and try some new varieties. I only grow them in the ground.

21 Sep, 2019


They have been slow even in the greenhouse. I suspect in my case they get too hot and that arrests their development. I don't grow them out side.
I've had better crops in the past!

21 Sep, 2019


I'm not sure bell peppers are worth the space in this country. I've had a good amount from plants that were started early for a long season, including Italian types, but they're consistently small & thin fleshed. Maybe if you had a large greenhouse or poly tunnel...
Chillies on the other hand have done pretty well for me this year outdoors particularly the mild Black Hungarian type. As a very general rule I think chillies can do better outside as they seem to produce when the soil is allowed to get really dry then gets watered generously two or three times a week. Pinching out the first couple of fruit to develop may help too.
Chillies aren't annuals so to get an early start & long season for next year, pruning them & storing in a mild, light spot overwinter, watering regularly is worth a try

21 Sep, 2019


Thanks, everyone for your interest. Where do you all actually live?
A couple more cayenne have now appeared on one of the plants. I think I will leave them to turn red as this is the most reliable plant so I don't think I'll lose them.
I have a few Numix that have put in an appearance and are still purple. I believe these turn into other colours. I also looked peppers up somewhere else and it seems some can be harvested at last as mid October so hopefully I will be lucky with some of them.
Thanks again for looking!

22 Sep, 2019

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