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Advice please re pruning black currant bushes. When and how much?
This year we had very little fruit,

Nice to be back by the way!



The fruit grow on the previous year's stems so you'll get more next year. Wait a while & it'll lose it's leaves so you can see the stems better. You prune to create a 'goblet' shape, like you were cupping both hands together to catch a ball. Cut the middle stems out for better air circulation then any unhealthy looking bits & anything that's crossing & might rub off bark in the wind & be a way for disease to get in

21 Sep, 2019


this is the rhs info. I followed that when we grew them 15 yrs ago.

and yes welcome back, how have you been?

22 Sep, 2019


Thanks both, very helpful as always!
I have been so very busy with our local community woodland. (Friends of Nant
But I am definitely going to keep up with this site from now on.!

22 Sep, 2019

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