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What to do with tomato growbag compost when tomatoes have finished ?



If you have a garden with beds or borders, I'd just spread it out over the top of those, that's what I do with all spent compost from pots and tubs too.

23 Sep, 2019


This may just be me not wanting to spend money but I often re-use it. If you can revive it by mixing in some homemade compost with funguses & worms in it that's ideal. Or even just adding balanced fertiliser granules. Then you can use it in containers to start a range of Autumn/Winter veg:

23 Sep, 2019


I tend to add it to the borders too or dig it in to the poorer soil compost bin stuff, hubby is still cutting the grass so it gets mixed with that.

I rarely reuse it as I don't want to encourage diseases/pests/ fungi that may be present on young plants or vulnerable cuttings. at least composting it gives it a chance to release any spare nutrients.

23 Sep, 2019


Thank you for the advise I appreciate that

24 Sep, 2019


I would go with the ladies' advice. Tomatoes are notorious for suffering from viruses so unless there are enormous amounts of compost involved, best to spread over the borders. The compost in grow bags get very wet and soggy as it spends all of its time enclosed in plastic so I would not want to reuse it.

24 Sep, 2019



25 Sep, 2019

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