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Hi peeps some of you may remember I posted photos of hedge roots which I had removed today but.... the guys made a bit of a mess on the grass any tips on what's best to do

Img_20190923_181115_hdr Img_20190923_181115_hdr Img_20190923_181130_hdr



I would just rake it back in place. After a few rains, you won't even notice it.

23 Sep, 2019


Its hard to tell what the grass is like cos the photos don't magnify well - if its just muddy and a bit crushed, it should recover. What are you going to do with the part that's now bare soil - plant in it or do you want that grass as well? Still just about time to spread some lawn seed...

23 Sep, 2019


Thanks Bathgate bamboo it's not muddy it's soil off the rootballs the bit the bottom will be getting decking in the spring back to the grass should I take the opportunity to rake and autumn feed?

23 Sep, 2019


If its loose soil, brush off what you can first (although I'm guessing that might not be possible now that its been raining), otherwise rake off what you can without tearing up grass roots. Certainly an autumn lawn feed won't do any harm at this stage.

24 Sep, 2019

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