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By Piers66

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Has anyone successfully got Dendrobiums to re-flower?

My girlfriend got one about 5 years ago, in flower at the time, but which has never flowered since. It's produced loads of keikis, which both of us have tried growing, but again with no flowers.

If yours does re-flower, what do you do to look after it?



mine have, but all I have done is left it in diffuse light on a window sill and watered weekly. I don't think if I have fed them or not. probably not. I have also potted up the offshoots and they are getting to a decent size so I hope they will flower this year.

25 Sep, 2019


I bought a nobile one in flower 18 months ago and got it to re flower following instructions on this website I haven't tried taking any off shoots yet.

25 Sep, 2019


I have one which I bought from Morrison's supermarket probably four-five years ago, reduced to 99p. Sad as it was at the time, no-one looks after supermarket flowers, it recovered well and flowers at least once every year. It lives on a North-ish windowsill, no direct sunlight, gets watered when I remember, fed on very rare occasions and has been repotted once. Now needs it again as it is over-crowded. I have never tried growing offshoots, but certainly will now.

26 Sep, 2019


Thanks for the replies.

The relevant line on the page might be this one:

"Note If you do not dry and cool the plants during winter, you won't get flowers! ".

I have other orchids (phalaenopsis) that very rarely re-flower either, so it may be that the temperature and humidity in my flat are simply too constant (warm and dry) year round for keeping orchids.

26 Sep, 2019

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