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Vale of Glamorgan, Wales Wal

Is this a Coronilla it is of the pea familly, yellow flower had it for years but looking at the leafformation compared with the photos on line made me doubt.

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It looks more like a Genista of some variety rather than Coronilla, but Seaburngirl grows Coronilla, she'll probably be able to say for sure.

26 Sep, 2019


Sadly I don't grow it though I'd like too. it looks like the one in the neighbours garden and that is a Genista.

26 Sep, 2019


oops, sorry, someone on here is growing it, I thought it was you Seaburn, but obviously not...

26 Sep, 2019


Thanks Bamboo & Seaburngirl I see the Genista is a broom never associated it as a broom. Had it for years but one hard winter I lost it but luckily I had taken a cutting so it is still with me some years later, but getting a bit old and straggly now I have taken some more cuttings and keeping my fingers crossed! It has quite hard wiry stems. I have a record of most plants I have bought over the years, but failed to find this one! and one day when I was least thinking of it Coronilla came into my brain!! but on looking on line had my doubts. Well I will keep my fingers crossed for success with my cuttings as I am a bit afraid to cut this back into old wood. Hope all is going well with you Seabg'l I am not having too good a time, but my garden is my salvation. afraid Grows on you gets neglected these days!!

6 Oct, 2019

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