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By Stu

Cleveland, United Kingdom Gb

My front garden has a covering of decorative gravel, about 1 inch. I want to plant several clumps of crocus bulbs.
I have seen planting depths between 1/2 inch to 3inches!

My question is should the gravel depth be included in the planting depth and how deep should I plant them?



You need two to three times the height of the bulb of soil above the top of the bulb. Crocus corms are usually about half an inch deep, so plant them a good 2 inches in the soil so that there is about 1.5 inches of soil above them. Then on top of that you will have your gravel mulch. Crocus corms will move themselves to the depth they like to be at by the way.

27 Sep, 2019


You could plant them in pots & then plunge the pots to the correct depth, then when they have flowered just pull the pots up & put them somewhere else to get on with all the leaves that they produce. Keeps the gravel looking tidy.

27 Sep, 2019


Thanks folks, much appreciated!

27 Sep, 2019

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