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Have just bought 2 Nandina domestica, var Obsessed. How hardy are they?



it wasn't for me in East Yorkshire but it might be fine for you in Surrey.

27 Sep, 2019


My local garden centre in Kent sells loads of these and is happy to give the Garden Centre Association 5 year guarantee so unless you plant them in a very exposed situation then I would say go ahead. They only exception would be if you have them in pots and allow the roots to become frozen but this situation would see off many hardy shrubs.

27 Sep, 2019


Mine likes it here but took a couple of years to settle in and I'm half a mile from Surrey (Staines) border so I assume will be ok for you.

28 Sep, 2019


Thank you for your replies. I will watch out for frosts & wrap up both plants & tubs if necessary, I might even transfer into the shed if a really cold snap is forecast. I didn't know that they would turn to follow the sun the way they do, like sunflowers, though of course just leaves at present.I bought them for winter colour, never thought about flowers or berries.

28 Sep, 2019


I have had one for several years here in North Norfolk. Sadly it lived in the flowerpot for two of them, just never got round to planting it out. Now it has been, you can practically hear it sigh with relief and it has grown, flowered and fruited happily without any protection.

29 Sep, 2019


We have been growing Nandinas for many years...all 3 are in exposed positions....full sun....
no problems at all.

30 Sep, 2019


Thank you for your comments. I will still keep an eye on them if there are any hard frosts this winter. Nice if I do get some flowers one day.

1 Oct, 2019


Love these Feverfew - my N. Obsessed are perfectly hardy, so hope yours are too.

6 Oct, 2019

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