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In my struggles to get back onto Goy one of the things I tried was joining again as Steragram2. The site would not accept it but now I see I'm after all on the New Members list. Does anybody know how to delete yourself?



In the box with the words 'Your Options' click on the downward pointing arrow and you will see 'Your News'.
Click on that.
Then you will see 'Steregram's Profile' with a row of boxes under it.
Click the box with the words 'Profile' … it is the 4th box from the left.
Then, next to your avatar photo you will see the words 'Update your profile'
Click on that.
Then you will see a little pink box with the words 'Delete account'.
Click on it and the account will be deleted.

Only do it to the new account !

30 Sep, 2019


Thank you Hywel. I'll have a go - and yes I'll be very careful not to delete myself after all the effort!

30 Sep, 2019


Good luck with that,Sue..I think I would make a right hash of it,if I tried ! Lol ..what a carry on,to have to do it in the first place !

30 Sep, 2019


Hi Sue, I don't know if you log out or not, but I never log out, and have had no problems, as some members have, I also have news grows on you on my favourites bar, so just click on that to get onto the site, maybe that will help, Derek.

30 Sep, 2019


Thanks Derek but nothing worked. There was nothing available from my site at all and If I tried to reply to anything I just got shunted back to the screen for joining. I never log out . Because it treated me as a nonmember there was no access to favourites either.
Anyway, will try Hywel's suggestion and delete the abortive efforts to rejoin... Thank you very much for for your interest both of you.

30 Sep, 2019


Hi Sue, I meant to say the favourites bar on the home page of your browser, not your GoY favourites, sorry, Derek.

30 Sep, 2019


Sadly Goy won't let you interact with it at all if you aren't a member. That's what I found anyway. Anyway fingers crossed its all running normally again. I really appreiate all the suggestions though - thank you!

2 Oct, 2019

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