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By Kate123

East Yorkshire , United Kingdom Gb

Hi all, just wondered if anyone can identify this plant please?
I bought it from a florist in August, selling outdoor plants too. However, it didn’t have a label on!
Thanks, it’s doing quite well on the rockery.




I have a horrible feeling that is Mind your own business. Soleirolia soleiroli. If it is then it is a total take over thug.

7 Oct, 2019


Hywel posted a photo of this plant growing in a pot. Take a look at it Kate.

7 Oct, 2019


I agree it is Soleirolia and if it is I 'd take it out or it will take over your garden. My middle brother [the none gardener] bought one 5 yrs ago and is now spraying with glyphosate regularly to eradicate it.

7 Oct, 2019


Yes as Shirley has said I posted a photo of it recently and you clicked the 'like' button for it Kate.
Although it is a pretty little plant I would put it in a pot, because it spreads quite a lot and can become a nuisance.

7 Oct, 2019


I love this chartreuse color. Maybe you can contain it somehow.

8 Oct, 2019


Thanks everyone for your feedback, much appreciated. Oh dear, it sounds a prolific nightmare! What a pity. Yes, I remember liking it Hywel, I thought it may have been the same plant. Wasn’t too sure. I liked the pretty little leaves and the lushness, but, I’ll have to rethink this now. ☹️

8 Oct, 2019


You could keep it in a pot like I do :)

9 Oct, 2019


Hi Hywel, sounds a plan. Your pic of it in a pretty colourful pot looks effective.

10 Oct, 2019


Thank you … I hope you can find a nice pot for it :)

11 Oct, 2019


Thanks Hywel, it gives me a good excuse to go garden centre shopping! ;)

12 Oct, 2019


What could be better :D

12 Oct, 2019


Sometimes people who have a Japanese garden (or Japanese area) use this as ground cover as it spreads more quickly than moss. I like it!

12 Oct, 2019


Hi Sheila, my OH really likes it too. He’s keen for it to spread all over. His rationale is; the rockery is quite long and steep-ish and after many years of trying out lots of plants, he thinks this may be a solution...

13 Oct, 2019


Thanks Julia, I’ll give it a go and keep a beady eye on it. I suppose I may be able to transplant some of it to other areas..

14 Oct, 2019


If it likes your garden it will cover it. so plant with caution would be my advice.

15 Oct, 2019


Thanks Eileen, I appreciate your advice.

16 Oct, 2019

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