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Dracaena. Should it look dishevelled like this? I’ve had it a number of years but although I don’t over water it, feed it occasionally and situate it in the right place it just seems poorly. The leaves are green enough but there is no new growth. I’ve tried several times to encourage it to sprout by nicking the ‘trunk’ but without success. I’m thinking of cutting it down by half so any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.



see bamboo's answer. it is what I would suggest too. other than is it in a draught?

also do you have a cat that could be weeing on it? the reason I ask I caught one of daughter's cats doing this to her yucca ;o)

11 Oct, 2019


I’ve cut off the green parts and done as you advised, Bamboo, and I’ve cut the whole thing back. Not to six inches though as the stems are quite thick so I need to get secateurs from the shed and it’s pouring with rain. I’ll wait for the next dry day when I shall also take it out of its pot.

Thank you for the advice. Also, SBG, no cats and no draughts. Thanks.

12 Oct, 2019

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