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Sorry, forgot to add the pictures. Here they are.

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Blimey, that's very sad looking... I can't see the pot its in, but it needs radical pruning either way. I don't really understand why the green growth at the top is drooping - either under or overwatering I imagine. Maybe also its spent some time in a spot that was too dark - it looks quite leggy and the stems look quite weak, not able to stand upright on their own.

I'd cut off the green parts, taking about 3-4 inches of bare stem, then pop those in a bottle of water on a windowsill and wait for them to root, then pot those up. Should take about 6 weeks. Then cut the rest right down to about 6 inches. You can vary the height you cut back to on various stems if you want, to give a layered effect when new growth appears. If its not been repotted for ages, check whether its potbound - if not, while its out of its pot, make sure the pot wasn't too large for it - if there's lots of loose soil, shake that off, then pot into something a bit smaller if necessary using new potting soil.

11 Oct, 2019

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