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By Kate123

East Yorkshire , United Kingdom Gb

Hi, I’ve purchased a few cyclamen plants this past week.
( from a national DIY store )
Unfortunately, the label didn’t give any information - jut that it is a cyclamen.
Any advice on how to care for and will they flourish? I have planted on the rockery area.

On plant Cyclamen




When you bought them, where were they displayed? Inside in the houseplant section, outside under cover or fully exposed outside? There is a wide and confusing array of cyclamen available at this time of year and it can be hard to decide which you've bought if there's no label, so where they are on display is a bit of clue...
Also can't tell how big the plant is - some of the foliage is not in the picture. The largest cyclamen are indoor houseplants...

12 Oct, 2019


that's what I was going to say Bamboo.
Katie can you take a photo with something next to them for scale. eg a £1 coin next to the flower/leaf.

12 Oct, 2019


I think you will find that there are loads of these cyclamen for sale in DIY's and garden centres. They come in 9 cm pots and it is my contention that they are meant for containers and baskets during the winter. They are only half hardy and if not kept in a sheltered position, will not see the winter out. I would dig them up and replant in a container for the winter. If you want cyclamen for your rockery then common species like Coum or Hederifolium would be best.

12 Oct, 2019


I have bought these little supermarket cyclamen a few times and have been amazed at how hardy they are. Yes, prolonged or recurrent hard weather will do for them. But they have survived the weather here in the west of Scotland more than I would have thought. So much so, that I now buy them for winter colour.

12 Oct, 2019


From the flower shape and the leaf that is definitely a Cyclamen persicum form.

12 Oct, 2019


They do pretty well here too - some of the ones in the grounds here have been there over five years (C. persicum). Even the ones on my balcony in flower now are from last autumn... but a hard winter will polish them off, and we're supposed to get a hard winter this year...

12 Oct, 2019


Hi everyone, thanks kindly for all your feedback, much appreciated.
I bought them from outside the store, they were positioned out with the outdoor shrubs etc.
They are no more than 5 inches top to bottom.
I’m hoping that Somhairle’s experience with them in west Ayrshire has the same outcome here!
Oh, I do hope it’s not a bad winter Balcony...I’m not so keen navigating through heavy snow and thick ice for work.

13 Oct, 2019

How do I say thanks?

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