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tomatoes i have had a great crop this year but its getting cold in scotland and i have about 40 still to ripen would it be prudent now to bring them inside to hopefully ripen thanks for any advice



You can pick the unripe fruit and maybe they will ripen indoors. It really depends on variety and if they had begun to ripen at all on the vine. If they had begun to ripen, they will probably continue to ripen indoors. However, I tried roasting a few green tomatoes and they were surprisingly very tasty and there's always that favorite stand by - fried green tomatoes - not the movie- it's what you do with the green ones that won't ripen.

17 Oct, 2019


If you lay the green ones out somewhere, perhaps in the bed in a spare bedroom or an empty drawer etc and put a ripe tomato with them the gases the ripe one gives off will trigger ripening in the others after a while. Banana skins can do the same thing. It can take a long time but it does work. I used to do it in an unheated bedroom - in a warmer one it would probably be quicker.You can also make green tomato chutney if you like that sort of thing...

17 Oct, 2019


my green ones are on a tray in the cool conservatory and they are ripening slowly. any ripe fruit will help speed up their ripening if you want them quickly.

if you slice green tomatoes, sprinkle with sugar and bake them in a pie they are really pleasant, almost like an apple pie flavour too. A knob of butter in with the filling adds to the taste.

17 Oct, 2019


Don't store any damaged ones. The green toms most likely to ripen will have shiny skins but those with slightly matt skin probably never will indoors. The difference is subtle but noticeable once you get your eye in.
Warmth is more important for ripening than light

17 Oct, 2019

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